Home Security Remote Services Simplified

How to Effectively Use Remote Services on Your Home Security System Everyday

Nowadays, it’s really easy for anyone to see what happens inside their homes even though they are not there. As the market for home security remote services is growing, the offers for IP cameras and intelligent systems that will help the owners lock/unlock the doors, increase/decrease the temperature and so on, are getting more numerous day by day.


Thanks to the surveillance systems based on IP cameras, it’s now easier to check whether or not the kids have arrived from home, whether or not they are doing their taks or homework or just to be sure everything is fine at home. What exactly is an IP camera? It’s a surveillance camera that can be wired (in this case, it uses a PoE protocol meaning that it gets the electricity it needs via the ethernet cable) or wireless that has a wireless antena built-in. The IP camera requires an IP address to stream online. Knowing that adress and the password for the camera allows users to check their homes directly from their smartphones as long as they have a solid Internet connection. Moreover, they are rarely required to install any software on their smartphones as the IP cameras are, when viewed in a nutshell, just like regular webcams.

However, the industry around the home security remote services is much more evolved than simply offering surveillance systems. Honeywell’s Total Connect platform, which is one of the top players in this industry, offers complete surveillance and remote services to its users. Basically, people can view the activity on the surveillance cameras (either from all of them at once or each one at a time), check the status of the alarm system and even set it on/off whenever they want. Moreover, they can also lock and unlock their doors (or just check whether or not they have closed the door) and/or also set the temperature inside as high or as low as they want.

Why would anyone pay for the home security remote services? Because they really DO increase the security of the houses in which they are installed. Moreover, just in case the house is getting robbed, the chances of getting any money from the insurance companies are way higher if such systems are installed, not to mention that the chances of getting robbed decrease by almost 80% when people notice a certain house is protected by intelligent surveillance systems that would spot instantly anyone trying to sneak in illegally.

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