The Importance of a Business Fire Alarm

In many cities a business fire alarm is a requirement whenever a business opens or updates a space.  These fire alarm systems in a commercial setting are necessary to save both lives and property in the event of a fire event.

An often overlooked reason to install a heat and smoke detector system in your business is to protect your inventory.    If a fire wipes out your inventory, not only do you lose that inventory, you lose the ability to provide your customers the products that they require. And if they can’t get them from you, then they will have to go to someone else.  Sometimes getting those customers back is not so easy.

People Don’t Always React to a Fire Alarm

In the video below, you can tell that as a business owner, it is important to make every effort to alert people when there is a fire in the building.  Too many people just ignore the warnings until it is too late.

Although most business owners do not like the additional cost of a business fire alarm, it does help lower insurance premiums on some policies.

Whenever you are installing a heat or smoke detector system in a commercial setting, you will have to submit plans to the local fire marshal.  Once the fire alarm company has performed their work, the fire marshal will inspect the system to make sure it is up to code. The NFPA 72 code lays out all minimum rules for installation of these fire systems.

Commercial Fire Alarm Inspections Reduce Liability

Once the fire alarm is installed, it is important to have the system checked at least once annually.  In most cities and counties, this is a requirement.

As a business owner, these annual fire inspections by a company like #1 Security Services, also help you defend yourself if there was an actual fire and someone were to get hurt or killed.  If you have the annual inspection reports and you were up to date with a fire system that had been approved by the local fire marshal, then it would be hard to prove that you as a business owner were negligent; at least as far as the fire system is concerned.

Every precaution should be taken by the business owner to prevent a fire from happening in the first place.  Fire extinguishers should be strategically placed within the building, and employees should know where they are, and how to operate them.

In addition, employees should know all of the exits for the building, and in the case of a fire, be able to direct customer traffic towards the proper exits in an orderly manner.  A commercial fire alarm system will usually have emergency exit lights and strobe lights to help point the way to the exits.

As a business owner, making the investment in a fire alarm system to protect the merchandise, the building structure, and the lives of your customers and employees will provide you a measure of peace so you can focus on other areas of your business.