Ways to Stop Burglars from Opening My Garage Door ?

beautiful home 2Avoid burglaries through a garage door

A garage door can be opened in 6 seconds with a coat hanger … truly?

YES …! To persuade you, see this video that discusses how this can be done when nobody is home or nobody is inspecting your environments.

How can he do that?

If you have windows on your garage door, more exactly if you have them on the leading row of the areas, it’s simple for a burglar to unfold the pin of a hanger to pass under the external weatherstripping set up at the end of your door and to set off the carriage of your A10__1_opener. Through the windows, he can see where the trigger to your door opener is, and, for that reason, can deactivate it. He will then have the ability to open your garage door with ease and might take your belongings in less than 5 minutes!

Ways to safeguard yourself:

You can conceal your windows with a drape or mirror kind of paper. This makes it harder for a burglar to discover the trigger.

Customer service operatorYou can likewise position a tie wrap to avoid the slide to turn on the emergency situation trigger for the opener. You need to keep in mind that every time you require to utilize the emergency situation cable, you will have to cut the plastic strap.

You can set up the Garage Protector Guard which avoids activating the system and permits you to run the emergency situation cable at all times.

Other security procedures to think about:

You might set up a sidebar lock system that firmly locks your garage door if you leave the home for a long time.

You can disconnect your opener’s power cable from its socket. You are then particular that no one can run your opener. For more information on garage security, protection and repair contact us on our Quick Fix Garage Pros Yelp page.…